System Behaviour Description Language

SBDL (pronounced ‘speedle’) captures the essence of system composition and behaviour in a simple yet powerful domain-specific language, allowing that essence to be placed close to where it matters. [HTML] [PDF]

0.4.4 (SBDL Compiler), 24.04 (SBDL Language) [#478b097]


SBDL Venn Diagram of Influences

SBDL models system behaviour as a set of related, typed elements, where each element describes a particular facet of system design and the specified relationships between those elements constitute overall system behaviour.

The language…

sbdl_purpose is requirement { description is "Let's make defining system models quick and easy" }

The ‘System Behaviour Description Language’ (SBDL) is a Domain-Specific Language designed for the terse and locally-expressed attribution of system behaviour by way of minimalist Domain-Specific Model. More elaborately put: SBDL allows for the engineer to define key behavioural properties of a system, the relationship between then, and to place those properties close to where their definition is realised. To this end, SBDL is intended to annotate existing design and development materials; this is in contrast to the creation of separate (and often unrepresentative) design materials.